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The adaptation and promotion of renewable gas is a priority for the energy sector


The METHAGRO prototype of LIFE Methamorphosis in the Naturgy Foundation training seminar


On 4th October in Logroño, the Naturgy Foundation, in collaboration with the La Rioja Regional Government, held a seminar focusing on the challenges and opportunities provided by renewable gas. Specialists and speakers from the Politécnica de Cataluña University, the Spanish Biogas Association, Gaz Naturel GRDF, the Valdemingómez Technology Park and the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research analysed the technology, potential, regulations and degree of implementation of this fuel, and presented practical cases in France and different areas around Spain.

Some practical cases were the construction and implementation of the Valdemingómez Technology Park (Madrid) that injects biomethane from urban waste into the distribution network. Moreover, a pilot plant installed in Sabadell (Barcelona) in a water treatment facility in order to produce renewable gas. Furthermore, the circular economy example of the Renewable Gas Mixed Unit which aims to increase knowledge of the production processes and the subsequent biomethane injection into the natural gas distribution network and finally as well as the METHAGRO prototype of LIFE Methamorhosis project related to the biomethane production for vehicular uses through agroindustrial waste.