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The renewable gas; towards a circular economy


Nedgia organizes a round table in Pontevedra to promote renewable gas

Mesa Redonda
Nedgia, by Naturgy Group, has organized a round table discussion with Diario de Pontevedra with the aim of promoting renewable gas. In this, have been participated responsible for both public administration and private entities.

In the forum, called "Renewable gas, towards a circular economy" the process of generating renewable gas and its important role in improving air quality in cities was explained, due to it drastically reduces the emissions of particle matter from transport. In this regard, the importance of carrying out projects related to generation of renewable gas though biowaste was highlighted.

Nedgia is participating in different projects to generate renewable gas or biomethane from organic waste or from recycling wastewater and that can be injected directly into the existing gas network. One example is the METHAGRO prototype of the LIFE Methamorphosis project, which generates biomethane from the agroindustrial waste.