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First steps of Life Landfill Biofuel


The project, coordinated by FCC, begins to characterize the biogas produced in the landfill of Granada

Life Landfill Biofuel
In June 2019, the European Commission approved the Life Landfill Biofuel project whose purpose is the installation and operation of a landfill biogas enrichment plant to achieve a biomethane suitable for vehicular use. The project consortium is formed by FCC, as coordinator, Sysadvance, Iveco, Seat, Gasnam, Cartif and the University of Granada.

In the Granada landfill, chosen as a pilot for the project, it is planned to install an upgrading plant with a biogas treatment capacity of 500 Nm3/h and resulting biomethane production of up to 250 Nm3/h.

In this first stage of the project, work has been done on:

1) The analysis of biogas generated in different areas of the landfill to know its composition. Contrary to the biogas produced in biomethanization plants, it contains oxygen and nitrogen, so the measurement of these parameters has been emphasized.
2) The design engineering definition of the separation facility of CH4, CO2, O2 and N2 taking into account the quality of biogas and biomethane required by the transport sector.
3) The optimization of biogas uptake in the landfill both in quality and quantity, improving the system of aspiration chimneys.

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