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The LIFE METHAMORPHOSIS project in the Special number of Bioenergy of the RETEMA magazine


Recently published the Special number of Bioenergy 2018 of the RETEMA magazine with a new technical article of the LIFE Methamorphosis project

The Special number of Bioenergy 2018 of RETEMA, magazine specialized in environment, includes the article "The LIFE METHAMORPHOSIS project, from waste to biomethane for transport" (pages 32 - 36).

The goals and targets of the project as well as the latest developments and first results of the construction and implementation of the two developed prototypes are exposed in this article: the UMBRELLA prototype located in the Ecoparc de Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) and the prototype METHAGRO, in the farm of Porgaporcs in Vila-sana (Lleida).

This project co-financed by the LIFE Program of the European Commission aims to promote innovative technologies to impulse changes in the environment and climate change.