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April 2019


6th LIFE Methamorphosis project newsletter

Portada abril 2019
From waste to mobility

"From waste to mobility"

The informative video of LIFE Methamorphosis Project is now available! 
Resultados Aqualia

Nitrogen removal using ELAN® technology and stripping technology

Aqualia assess the results of two nitrogen removal innovative systems from the UMBRELLA prototype

Gas from Rice Straw

Nedgia examines feasibiliyy of producing renewable gas from rice straw

As an example of the circular economy, this initiative would also help solve the environmental problem caused by waste from the rice farming industry 

EU Green Week 2019

#EUGreenWeek: LIFE METHAMOPRHOSIS takes the initiative!

On the #EUGreenWeek, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona prepares a guided tour to both UMBRELLA and METHAGRO prototypes of the project, on 15th and 16th of May of 2019, respectively


Analysis of natural gas and renewable gas role in decarbonisation

NEDGIA (the natural gas distributor of the Naturgy group) meets EU Managing Director of Energy

FCC video 2018

LIFE Methamorphosis present on FCC Group 2018 Highlights video

FCC makes a compilation of its most outstanding milestones; one of these is the LIFE Methamorphosis project 

Naturgy Renewable gas

Renewable gas, a key instrument in the sustainable and circular economy

Valladolid took place a new environmental seminar by the Naturgy Foundation, there potential of renewable gas as a vector in the circular economy alongside experts from the sector are exanimated 
Visita del consejo asesor

The UMBRELLA prototype receives a very special visit

Members of the LIFE Methamorphosis Advisory Board visit the UMBRELLA prototype to know the status of the project
Jornada Mobilitat sostenible

Aid for efficient and sustainable mobility

The Institut Català d'Energia organizes an information seminar on existing grants related to sustainable mobility and energy efficiency in the industrial sector

Naturgy bets on renewable gas as a solution to support economic decarbonisation

NEDGIA, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, new member of leading renewable gas business association in Europe