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General and specific objectives


The specific objectives of UMBRELLA and METHAGRO are:


    • GHG mitigation in the process of wastewater treatment: 1.2 t CO2e/d

    • Reduction of H2S in biogas: up to 80%

    • Nitrogen treatment capacity: 70 kg/d

    • Reduction of effluent suspended solids: 95%

    • Reduction of BOD: 50%

    • Reduction of energy consumption >70% compared to conventional treatments


    • Increase of the concentration of CH4 in the biomethane > 95% compared to the concentration in the biogas of 50%

    • The emission into the atmosphere of 2,064 kg SO2/y shall be avoided

    • The emission of 9,500 t CO2/y into the atmosphere will be avoided due to the use of CBM generated in vehicles

    • Decrease of emission of particles per vehicle of 3,105 kg/year due to the conumption of CBM generated in the upgrading

    • Reduction of the risk of contamination of aquifers by use of 12,930 t/y of slurry 

    • Use 7,350 t/y of organic waste

    • Implement energy-efficient technologies (10% lowe energy conumption in anaerobic digesters, 80% lower in the upgrading process) with a heat recovery in the upgrading phase of 240 MWH/y

General objectives

The expected results from the use of biomethane as automotive fuel are:

  • 80% minimum CO2 emissions reduction in the Well-to-Wheel balance compared to currently marketed CNG.

  • Decrease annual emission of particles up to 6.21 kg per vehicle. 

  • Promote biomethane consumption for both light and heavy vehicles, and its widespread availability and commercialization. 

  • Partial compliance with the Spanish Energy Saving and Efficiency plan and the Renewable Energy plan for 2011-2020, and the energy efficiency directives 2012/27/EU and the EU biofuel promotion goals.