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From the Life Methamorphosis project to the Life Infusion project


RETEMA magazine publishes an article on the results of the Life Methamorphosis project and how it will be continued with the Life Infusion project

RETEMA, articulo Methamorphosis - Infusion
RETEMA, a technical environmental magazine, has published an article on the Life Methamorphosis project in its Special Waste 2021. The article contextualizes the project and reviews the objectives, milestones achieved and results obtained during the 5 years of project implementation.

The concepts to be highlighted are, on the one hand, the current low economic viability (at state level) of biomethane generation projects in the waste treatment sector, a fact that could be solved by means of a national support plan, as well as with a Guarantee of Origin Certificate system that could encourage the production and commercialization of renewable gases. On the other hand, the efficiency of the technologies tested in the project allows a significant reduction in energy consumption and the associated costs of municipal organic waste management.

It should be added that the work carried out in the Life Methamorphosis project does not stop there; after its completion, the Life Infusion project was born, which, as the published article announces, "aims to give continuity to research into the treatment of waste effluents and to close the circle between waste and resources".

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