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ICAEN launches a search engine for energy savings and efficiency projects and educational activities and resources


The new search engine made by Insitut Català de l'energia (ICAEN) allows to access projects related to energy savings and efficiency as well as pedagogical resources to train, raise awareness and disseminate the responsible use of energy

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The icaen search engine collects energy savings and efficiency projects and pedagogical resources with a double purpose. On one hand, it wants to provide examples of successful projects of energy savings and efficiency to professionals and, on the other, to make available to teachers and educators different activities and educational resources aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about energy consumption.

This tool allows access to 300 projects and 300 educational resources. At the same time, it will be useful to identify new initiatives in these areas, due to it enables the registration of new projects or educational resources and activities.

The start-up of the search engine is a measure to close citizens to the current energy transition process.  Energy training is the basis of a new model in which citizens can decide if they want to generate energy, store it and compress it at home, while energy efficiency and savings are, as well as renewable energies, the way to make this new model cleaner, more sustainable and more competitive.  

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