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January 2019


5th LIFE Methamorphosis project newsletter

January 2019
Aqualia AnMBR

Demonstrated the ultrafiltration viability through the AnMBR system

Aqualia shows the first results of the anaerobic treatment of the UMBRELLA prototype effluents

The LIFE Methamorphosis project at CONAMA 2018

On 29th of November, AMB presented the LIFE Methamorphosis project at the National Congress of Environment in Madrid

Naturgy GASNAM

Promotion of non-electric renewable energy in transportation

Gasnam and the Spanish Association of Biogas sign a collaboration agreement on sustainable mobility 

Value Waste Concept

Approved the project "Unlocking new value from urban biowaste"

AMB participates in a new project related to waste recovery, cofinanced by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme 

FCC Smart City

LIFE Methamorphosis at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

A year on, the FCC Group participated in the 2018 Smart City Expo World Congress (SCWEC)

ICAEN precios energia

Check the prices of energy

The Institut Català d'Energia completes the historical archive of energy prices of 2018 

Naturgy South Summit

The decarbonization of transport

Naturgy highlights the role of renewable gas in the decarbonisation of transport at the South Summit

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