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SEAT starts the production of emergency ventilators at its Martorell facilities


The Device, OxyGEN, has been authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Healthcare Products for clinic investigation

Respiradores SEATSEAT starts the production of emergency ventilators at its Martorell facilities to cooperate to the crisis caused by COVID-19. The device has been released by the Spanish Agency of Medicine for clinic investigation and the daily production volume will be constantly adjusted with the authorities according to demand to avoid unnecessary stocks. The company will work to reach a production volume of 300 emergency ventilators per day.
The ventilator, called OxyGEN, is being produced on the SEAT Leon assembly line at SEAT's facilities and has an adapted windscreen wiper motor. Each device has more than 80 electronic and mechanical components and passes a thorough quality control with ultraviolet light sterilisation.

SEAT is strongly committed to helping the society and health care field to narrow down the effects of COVID-19. SEAT is also currently working on and analysing the viability of other projects that will be announced once they have passed all the necessary health tests and cleared for release by the corresponding authorities.

Entities collaborating on the development of the emergency ventilator:, OxyGEN, Hospital Clínic, Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Germans Trias y Pujol Investigation Institute (IGTP), Hospital del Mar, CMCiB (Catalan Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimaging), University of Barcelona, Recam Laser, Doga Motors, Luz Negra, LCOE (Official Central Automation Laboratory), Ficosa, Bosch, IDNEO, Secartys, Espiroflex, Gaso, Cuatrecasas, Civil Guard, Urban Guard, Mossos d'Esquadra, National Police.
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