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Supported actions aimed at combating climate change


The Catalan government adopts resolution to support the actions aimed at tackling the climate change emergency

Acuerdo de apoyo al Cambio Climático
The Catalan government has adopted a resolution in which it expresses support for citizen initiatives that are emerging to tackle the climate emergency and reiterates its commitment to addressing this issue. The government recognises that the climate emergency is one of the main challenges facing Catalonia and urges all members of Catalan society to get involved. Finally, the executive has resolved to participate in national and international initiatives when its involvement is possible.

In Catalonia, over a hundred organisations have endorsed the "Manifest for a New Governance of the Energy Transition". The Catalan government is fully aware of the challenge posed by climate change. Consequently, both the National Agreement for the Energy Transition of Catalonia and the Catalan Climate Change Law emphasise the need to progressively move beyond the fossil fuel-based economy.

Also, in response to constant alerts from the scientific community, on 14 May 2019, the government decided to join political institutions around the world in declaring a climate and environmental emergency, undertaking a series of commitments to achieve the mitigation objectives set out in the Climate Change Law.