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The biggest water company from United Kingdom test the ELAN® technology at Oxford's wastewater plant


Aqualia has installed an ELAN® prototype at Thames Water plant, which will be tested with Veolia and Sweco/ Grontmij technologies

imatge noticia Aqualia ELAN - Oxford
Thames Water, the biggest water Company from United Kingdom, has decided to test ELAN® technology developed by Aqualia in collaboration with Santiago de Compostela University. Its objective is to reduce the energy consumption and optimise the elimination of nitrogen. The British company, which operates in London and Thames Valley region serving around 15 million users, has installed an ELAN® pilot unit at the Oxford wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) which will be operational until the beginning of 2018.

Thames Water has a thermal hydrolysis system before the sludge anaerobic digestion which increases the production of biogas and also, produces biosolids that can be used directly in agriculture. The hydrolysis process rises the treatment capacity, making the Oxford WWTP a strategic centre for the management of small sewage sludge in the region. The ELAN®-ANAMMOX technology has already been verified in Guillarei WWTP (Tui, Pontevedra), and has two other plants under construction in Chiclana (Cadis) and Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona).

After installation of the prototype in the Oxford WWTP, Thames Water will buy the ELAN® system as well as the ANITAMMOX from Veolia and DEMON from Grontmij (now SWECO) in order to select the one that will finally be implanted in most of the anaerobic digestion plants that they manages.