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The next 20 of March, join to the first LIFE METHAMORPHOSIS webinar about the innovation in the biomethane sector

The Institut Català de l'Energia is organizing the first LIFE METHAMORPHOSIS webinar about the innovation in the biomethane sector. At the event, which will take place on 20 of March from 10:30h to 12:25h, are invited 6 speakers from different companies which will talk about their innovations and advances into the sector.

During the first part of the webinar, will participate some of LIFE METHAMOPRHOSIS stakeholders. José Ramón Vázquez and Antonio Giménez from Aqualia, will do a breve actualization of the LIFE METHAMORPHOSIS project progress and estate. Besides, Andrew Shepherd from SEAT, will talk about sustainability mobility by biomethane.

The second part, will be focused on other projects and innovative techniques related to the biomethane use and production:
- Mixed Unit of Renewable Gas project, about the biomethane production optimization from WWT plant, with subsequent injection into the net and application in urban mobility.
Anaerobic digestion of residues rich in nitrogen by SAO process, on innovative techniques to study microbial communities.
- LIFE LEMNA project, which will be the first EU nutrient recovery system based on the water lentil cultivation (Lemna).
- LIFE SIAMEC project, which wants to demonstrate the viability of the use of an innovative Anaerobic Metanogenic Reactor and Membrane Bioreactor Integrated System for the organic matter and nitrogen removal from wastewater.

The Webinar will be held through Webex platform. Those interested in attending should send an email to specifying name, institution/entity/company and email address.