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The LIFE Methamorphosis project at CONAMA 2018


On 29th of November, AMB presented the LIFE Methamorphosis project at the National Congress of Environment in Madrid

CONAMA ponencia
On 26th to 29th of November, the National Congress of Environment (CONAMA) took place in Madrid. It is one of the national most importance event related with the environment.

The Area of Waste Prevention and Management Services of AMB wanted to give visibility to the European co-financed projects in which it participates as a partner, participating in Conama Connect, a space dedicated to the dissemination and dynamization of European projects.

The last day of the Congress, AMB had a stand where several interested people could approach to know the LIFE Methamorphosis project. During that day, more than 2000 visitors were registered. Moreover, a presentation of 15 minutes on the project was carried out which had 70 attendees.

Besides, AMB published a technical poster detailing the advances and first results of the LIFE Methamorphosis project, as well as a written technical communication.

Finally, the RES URBIS project, which was included in the Horizon 2020 program, was also disseminated, with another written technical communication.
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