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Underway the new 2017-2025 Metropolitan Programme of Municipal Waste Management


The 2017-2025 Programme pretends to start a new management model in order to increase waste prevention and improve waste collection

imatge noticia Programa Residus 2025 AMB
The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) wants to impulse a new waste management model that meets the objectives of the PRECAT20 for prevention, separation for reuse, selective collection and recycling, and for contribution to the circular economy.

The new model will focus on prevention and selective collection at source. This proposal will give technical and economic support to the municipalities so they can make the necessary changes to reach collection and recovery rates of 50% in 2020 and 70% by 2025.

To achieve maximum efficiency and viability, the program will be prepared based on lines of action and measures discussed in the Participation Council, which is made up of political groups, metropolitan municipalities, representatives of the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Waste Agency of Catalonia, social collectives, unions, neighbourhood organizations, business entities, cooperatives, professional associations, experts and collaborators. On 23th of June, took place the first meeting of the Council, in which organization and calendar of work, as well as, the current collection and recovery indicators were shown.